Friday, April 22, 2016

Argh.  Yesterday I was rarin' to go, all set to put something up here...and then Prince died.

I've never been a huge fan, but I've been a Minneapolis girl since 1987, and he was so much a part of the community that it has been devastating.  And it is a community in grief.  He was way too young to go.  First Avenue, the iconic local club that he made internationally iconic, and a local radio station, The Current, and the City of Minneapolis worked together over the space of a few hours to make it so there could be a huge party in the center of downtown to celebrate his life.  It started at 8 pm as a block party (although people had really been there in numbers all day, using his star on the wall at First Avenue as a shrine once the news had gotten out) and at 10 pm it moved inside.  A rotating group of DJs kept it going until 7 am.

I expect the public outpourings of grief will continue through the weekend.  I'm working on something to hopefully get me going properly on this blog (ha).  I'll try to get something up by Monday.

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