Thursday, July 14, 2016

A Visit to the Red Wing Pottery Museum and the Watkins Museum in Winona

Over the weekend we took a short road trip down to Winona, and stopped in Red Wing for lunch.  The place we stopped was right near the Pottery Museum, so we took a look.  Some very beautiful pottery, which I took no photos of.  However, this caught my eye.

The thing that caused me the most amusement though, was this.

For whatever reason, they decided to set up a little general store scene. As we passed by, there were two girls in their early teens quizzing their grandmother about details, as though they expected her to respond from personal experience.  She did her best, mind, but as their grandmother was younger than my mother, I was getting the giggles.

On to Winona!  The Watkins museum wasn't any larger than the Pottery Museum, but I took a few more photos.  There was all sorts of beautiful packaging from through the years, like this

but what interested me the most was the display of WWII-era items.  Dried eggs!

And boxes for Servicemen.

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