Monday, June 6, 2016

Links for 6 June 2016

What food-related podcasts do you listen to?  One of my favorites is the Food Programme from BBC 4 (available via iTunes).  They tackle one subject each week, and range all over.  Here's the description of the most recent episode:

"In the British Library there is an archive of life story sound recordings which tells the true story of how our food has changed over the past century. Until now, this collection has been accessible only by visiting the British Library. Now, for the first time, the 'National Life Stories project' is being made public online. Featuring hundreds of voices, and thousands of hours of interviews, it is one of the most comprehensive and revealing resources we have on food in the UK. Contributors range from chefs like Shaun Hill and Albert Roux, to biscuit factory managers, from butchers to apple growers.

In this edition, The Food Programme is collaborating with the British Library to bring you highlights from the 'National Life Stories' archive. Historian Polly Russell picks voices which shed light on hidden parts of the food industry, from restaurant kitchens to the high street. And in recounting these histories to today's chefs, restaurateurs and shop owners, she finds how working in British food has changed."
Here's a link, if you'd like to take a listen: BBC 4 Food Programme

And for something different, a tour of the World of Coke with Lucky Peach.  And they do mean the *world*....  Around the World in Eighty Cokes

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