Thursday, May 4, 2017

Why so much filler? (Actual WORDS!)

Why so much filler? Two reasons.  1)  I want to keep this blog. I want to do something with it. Sometimes I am incredibly enthusiastic, and can write multiple paragraphs on a lovely cookbook I have.


And 2)  I am not organized. I am not focused. And sometimes I can't write more than a few, fragmented, stream-of-consciousness sentences.  Admittedly, I have seen whole blogs that sound like that.  That's not what I want to do.  (This post, though?  Heh.)  Since January I have been telling myself that the new job is messing with my schedule, which it is. But most of it is just me not being able to focus.

We'll see.  Step 1 is convincing myself to get SOMETHING on here, even if it is just photos of cookbooks I don't have.  (It is a lovely set of postcards, though. I got it for Christmas.)  And I put some $2 cookbooks over on my Facebook sale page.  That's not organized either.

I need to get myself a routine...thoughts whirl in my brain. We'll see.

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